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For over 40 years, the name Ideal Knitwear has been synonymous with high quality knits, rapid "on time" deliveries, excellent customer service, and highly competitive prices, in both Hockey Socks and Knitted Headwear. Using the finest available yarn fibers and colors, our vast experience in design, manufacturing, and distribution has placed Ideal Knitwear at the forefront as one of North America's 

leading manufacturers of Custom and Pro Pattern hockey socks, and knitted headwear.
We look forward to the opportunity of supplying your Hockey Sock and Headwear needs for the coming season, and to continue to be a trusted supplier in today's fast evolving market.

About Ideal Knitwear

Ideal Knitwear Inc. is one of the leading Canadian manufacturers and importers of knit headwear accessories.

The company founded in 1972, by Mr. Isaac Kupferstein, has supplied a vast range of basic and innovative fashionable knit accessories for Men, Women and Children throughout the North American market.

For over 30 years in its history, Ideal Knitwear Inc. has produced top quality products at competitive prices to satisfy today's consumers.

Here at Ideal, we have access to a wide array of quality yarn fibres and colors from the basic to the latest fashion trends of the season.

Our team of designers and customer-service personnel will take on the challenge to meet any custom made order to the best of our "know how" with a quick turn around time, sealed with customer's stamp of approval 100% guaranteed!!

Today, Ideal Knitwear Inc. has evoled into reaching out to new industry sectors including caps, hockey socks and fashionable straw hats & handbags accessories.

So what is our mission here? It's is very simple: We are the Ideal headwear company and the only one you will ever need.


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